Professional Strata Cleaning Checklist Followed By Cleaners

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To clean the commercial areas, the strata cleaners in North Sydney always prepare a comprehensive checklist first so that they do not skip any areas during the cleaning. But if you are wondering what the checklist includes, we will discuss it here today. That way, choosing the strata cleaners will also become easier for you.

Cleaning the Common Areas

The professionals carrying out strata cleaning in North Sydney will clean the common areas systematically. Here, they will particularly clean the

  • Cleaning Furniture and Glass Doors

The cleaners will wipe clean the furniture in the commercial building with a microfiber cloth. But before that, they will vacuum the furniture to effectively remove the dust. On the other hand, for cleaning the glass doors, the cleaners will use special cleaning solutions that help remove stains and spot marks.

  • Removing Cobwebs and Dusting Skirting Boards

Dust and cobwebs will be cleaned by the cleaners using vacuum cleaners and other tools.

The cleaners will remove them from skirting boards, window sills and even light switches. In fact, for cleaning the hard to reach areas, the professionals might also use custom tools.

  • Stain Removal from Walls

To remove the stains from different parts of the walls, the professionals will use both chemical solutions as well as natural solutions such as vinegar and baking soda mixtures.

Cleaning the Lights

Cleaners employed at the strata cleaning company in North Sydney will clean the lights. For this, they will use special cleaning equipment like soft brushes, special nozzles for the vacuum cleaners, etc. to protect the lights from damages.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Pool

Another important part that the strata cleaners clean is the pool. This is a time-taking job, but they do it with care. They first inspect the pool and then make the necessary plans and put it all down on the checklist. Also, during the inspection, the cleaners determine the equipment that will be required for cleaning the pool.

Since pool cleaning takes time, the strata cleaners might schedule the pool maintenance later after business hours.

Cleaning the Inner Areas

When it comes to cleaning the internal areas, the strata cleaners in North Sydney will

  • Clean the Light-Switches and Staircase Handles

Sanitising and cleaning the light switches of the staircases is very important to inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses. So, the cleaners will use proprietary cleaning solutions. Besides, the cleaners will also use tools such as microfiber cloth and brushes for cleaning the staircase handles.

  • Mopping the Floors

The strata cleaners will mop the floor of the commercial buildings using the right detergents. Along with this, just like the common areas, they will remove the stains and spots from the floor by using specific cleaning solutions.

  • Clean the Workplaces

The cleaners will clean the workplaces in the commercial areas. For this, they will use the vacuum cleaner and then wipe clean the desks by hand to remove the spots.

This completes the basic checklist. However, apart from this, there might be a few additions but that depends entirely on the cleaners.

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