Why Quality Commercial Cleaners Focus on the Right Cleaning Products?

Commercial Cleaning Services

Using quality commercial cleaning products results in a safer and cleaner work environment. When inferior products are used, the workplace becomes dirtier and triggers potential risks of allergies. Moreover, usage of wrong products can have harmful effects on employee’s health which is why professional commercial cleaners always prioritise using organic cleaning products for satisfactory results.

Let us explore some telltale reasons why professionals offering quality commercial cleaning services in Australia always use the right cleaning products:

  • Disinfection and Effective Cleaning: Using the right cleaning products helps quality commercial cleaners achieve the desired result. The final output is incredible, thus creating a safer work environment. Good commercial cleaning products not only save time but also ensure that the work environment is disinfected and free of contaminants.
    Commercial cleaners should be picky when it comes to choosing a suitable disinfectant or sanitiser for cleaning office spaces. Cleaning products usually contain harmful chemicals. Using them in high concentrations can pose a severe health risk. Quality cleaners know which product to choose and how much to use them to prevent any health hazard.
  • Prevent damage to equipment and furnishings: Nobody wants bacteria, dirt stains and oily handprints to compromise the hygiene of their workspace. Quality commercial cleaners ensure these problems are tactfully resolved with the right cleaning agent.
    On the other hand, using toxic products  can destroy equipment and furnishings. For instance, cleaning marble floors with acidic cleaning agents can cause permanent damage to the marble surface. Or, choosing the wrong cleaning product for hardwood can destroy its topcoat.
  • Prevention of serious health risks: The fundamental reason behind quality commercial cleaners focusing on the right eco-friendly cleaning products is to ensure the safety of their staff. Unsuitable cleaning agents may contain caustic soda or flammable ingredients making them very dangerous if not used properly.

For example, chlorine and ammonia bleach are present in glass cleaners, disinfectants and sanitisers. However, these products can be safely used with necessary precautionery measures. They produce chloramines which are highly toxic gases. Inhaling these gases can cause pneumonia, breathing difficulties, vomiting, and increased chest pain.

To prevent these risks, it is quintessential for quality commercial cleaners to focus on using eco-friendly cleaning products in the correct way. As a result, they would not have to clean the same place twice. It will not only save their time but also help them achieve a dirt-free and contaminant-free work environment.

At North Sydney Office and Commercial Cleaners, we practice the best methods to clean offices and workspaces. Our constant focus is on using the best eco-friendly cleaning products of the highest quality and this has helped us become one of the trustworthy commercial cleaning company in Sydney. We pride in our expertise and excellence when it comes to cleaning and work hard to leave our clients satisfied. We train our employees to provide guaranteed results with industry-grade equipment and do not leave the premises until you are fully satisfied. Speak to our consultants today to get an idea of our past work and ask for a free quote anytime!



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